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Days after Michael Brown’s death, Ferguson looks like a war zone

A vigil held for Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager gunned down by Ferguson, Mo., police on Saturday in disputed circumstances, turned into what the media described as a riot on Monday evening.

But while national coverage has focused on the indisputably counterproductive violence and destruction committed by Ferguson residents during a moment of anguish, videos and photos taken from the scene show local police aggravating the situation as well.

Years of tension have reached a boiling point

This whole situation is really cementing the whole “dystopian Sci-Fi is just the shit that happens to everyone else happening to white people” saying, because every day this situation is looking more and more like something you’d expect to see in a Judge Dredd comic before a real modern American town.

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 Infusions – Cliff Briggie

Cliff Briggie’s technique focuses on photographing the movement in liquids. The consistency of the subject-matter also gives the appearance of dissipating smoke or a gentle satin fabric. Concentrating the colors in different areas creates a subtle transparency that plays with the light source. The mixing colors and swirling compositions make these pieces absolutely mesmerizing.

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by © Craig Leach

Green Tree Python

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British woman Harnaam Kaur started growing facial hair at 16 as a side effect of polycystic ovary syndrome. She tried waxing, shaving and bleaching before being baptised a Sikh, which forbids the cutting of body hair. Photograph: Brock Elbank/Barcroft Media

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Reminder: Women do not need to be polite to someone who is making them uncomfortable.

theenigmaofriversong asked: War, Ten, or Eleven in The Day of the Doctor?

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Not every white person is a racist, but the genius of racism is that you don’t have to participate to enjoy the spoils. If you’re white, you can be completely oblivious, passively accepting the status quo, and reap the rewards.

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